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Our History

SUPERA was founded in 2002 with the purpose of discovering and cultivating world-class human capital, in order to expand happiness and wealth in Latin America.

We have worked hard to earn and deserve the trust of visionary and effective CEOs in the region (in more than 10 countries).

One of the first visionaries was Carlos Rodríguez Pastor, CEO of Interbank, who sought to have the best people and the best professionals. After a SUPERA program, the objective was achieved by awakening world-class potential and effectiveness among all the bank’s collaborators.

Southern Copper Corporation, competing with CODELCO of Chile, knew that only through human capital productivity enhancement could they make a big difference in their favor. Thus, Mr. Oscar González Rocha hired SUPERA to design and roll out a Conscious Cultural Transformation, achieving a significant improvement in operational excellence.

In our most recent experience at Barrick Pueblo Viejo in the Dominican Republic, through a Conscious Cultural Transformation, we were able to contribute to increasing operational productivity, as well as improving the quality of life of all employees.

We helped Barrick to engage committed employees, better serve their end customers and as a result created happier shareholders (with more productivity and lower costs you increase free cash flow, dividends and stock value and price).

In this new reality, we help create business success, thanks to a conscious cultural transformation that facilitates sustainable innovation.

Our Know How

We integrate the best knowledge of business, investments and human nature in order to drive innovation, expand productivity and happiness.

We understand the business and investment worlds. In order to have a big impact on business results, we improve business models in order to widen the moat, working on culture, productivity and human capital consciousness.

The result of this integration allows us to design and enable Conscious Cultural Transformation processes to facilitate sustainable business innovation.

Our methodology has been refined during our 19 years of experience in 12 countries in America and Oceania, serving more than 100 multinational corporations.

Our Team

We are strategic thinkers and efficient enablers.
We design pragmatic high impact solutions tailored to our clients.
We have 18 years of experience in 12 countries serving more than 100 corporations.
We execute cultural transformation programs to facilitate business innovation.
We serve CEOs and companies so that their results benefit all stakeholders.


José Antonio La Rosa

José Luis Aliaga

José Luis Aliaga

Robinson Bocanegra

Robinson Bocanegra

Business Consultant
Fabiola Camino

Fabiola Camino

Project Coordinator